Best Facial Moisturizer for Combination Skin

Combination skin can be tricky to care for. Because of the duel nature of your skin, many people with combination skin find that products either leave their skin too dry or too oily. In fact, many people with combination skin often use two different moisturizers – one for the oily t-zone and one for the drier areas on the cheeks.

Caring for combination skin
Caring for your combination skin can be a juggling act between making sure the skin is cleansed and moisturized in a way that provides enough moisture to dry areas without making the t-zone oilier. This can often be achieved by using a cleanser designed for dry skin and an oil-free moisturizer designed for oily skin.

Best facial moisturizers for combination skin
The following facial moisturizers have been developed specifically for combination skin and help to control excess oil and shine.

  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel – an oil-free gel that can be used on both combination and oily skin. It controls oil production to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.
  • Bobby Brown Oil Control Lotion SPF 15 – the SPF in this lotion is an added bonus as most other oil-free moisturizers don’t contain sunscreen. A thicker texture than other oil-free moisturizers but it leaves your skin glowing and shine free and is perfect to use under makeup.
  • Ahava Matifying Moisturizr for Oily Skin – if you are looking for a moisturizer that controls shine and helps to reduce acne and blemishes then this is the moisturizer for you.
  • Clarins HydraQuench Lotion SPF15 – if your skin is more normal/combination then oily/combination then this is the moisturizer for you. A non greasy formula that leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated, it contains a number of natural ingredients (including peanut oil).
  • Olay Complete UV Protective Moisture Cream SPF 15 – this formula helps to hydrate your skin without clogging pores and creating blemishes and the added SPF makes it perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time in the sun.
  • While you may consider moisturizing your combination skin tricky thanks to the need for two separate moisturizers, you can achieve the soft, supple skin you are looking for with the perfect product.

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